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Expion is an award-winning Recruitment Company specialising in recruiting top talent for the Food & FMCG, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Engineered Products and Automotive, Distribution & Logistics Sectors.

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  • Lisa Davidson

    ​Zoe is one of the very few recruiters I've dealt with that actually communicates on a regular basis and responds to every phone call, even if there's no update! Even though Zoe was off work, she u...

    Lisa Davidson
    National Account Manager
  • Simon Gardner

    As an Interim Contractor in Food and FMCG, I have worked on several contracts with clients managed through Caroline and I can honestly say that her attitude and enthusiasm are second-to-none in the...

    Simon Gardner
    Packaging Elements Ltd
  • David Hill

    I have known Andrew for a few years now and have worked together with him on multiple occasions. Andrew is honest and true to his word. He gets under the skin of role requirements and understands t...

    David Hill
    Factory Production Manager
  • Ian Gildersleeve

    I have known Caroline for several years and during this time she has always been extremely professional and knowledgeable about the Food & FMCG recruitment market – in addition to having an exc...

    Ian Gildersleeve
    Food NPD and Innovation Consultant
  • Matt Whelan

    In my role as Sales Director at Roberts Bakery, I worked together with Andrew at Expion, to recruit new FMCG sales team members into the sales team. I recommend Andrew, he would seek to understand ...

    Matt Whelan
    Interim Managing Director
  • Lynn Roberts

    I have worked with Richard for many years as a client, he is a very experienced professional with a strong knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Richard provides an excellent service with regul...

    Lynn Roberts
    HR Professional

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Top Jobs


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We work with organisations from start-ups to global giants. We have a loyal community of talent. Making sure we operate to ensure clients and candidates have the best experience with us is at the heart of what we do.

  • Lisa Davidson
Interim Management Food & FMCG

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  • Francesca F1 Picture
    Formula 1 - My Passion

    ​My passion: I’ve been a major follower of F1 since a child says Francesca LoughreyFollowing Formula 1 helps Francesca Loughrey, Associate Director at Expion Search & Selection, switch off at the weekend. No-one in my family is into motorsports, so they were surprised when I quickly became hooked after I stumbled across a Formula 1 race on the TV at the age of 15.  At first, I enjoyed the excitement of seeing fearless drivers race the fastest cars in the world, often pulling risky manoeuvres which sometimes led to glory (and others to disaster).  Over the years I had become more interested in the strategic element of the sport, finding a fascination in the making of the right or wrong call when to re-fuel (when it was still permitted) or stop for tyre replacement and how this could make or break a driver’s race.  I’ve followed some great British drivers over the years, cheering on Damon Hill, Jenson Button and then Lewis Hamilton. I’m a huge Lewis Hamilton fan – seeing him battle his way past most drivers on the track from the beginning of his career - truly inspirational. In 2018, I was lucky enough to attend the British Grand Prix and thought he was set for a home victory when he qualified on pole; unfortunately, he got spun in his first lap landing him right at the back. However, the real inspiration that he is, Lewis managed to overtake nearly every car on the track that day, finishing second place. It was a fantastic show of true fighting spirit. I owe a lot to Formula 1, for me, it has been so much more than just being a sport or just a hobby for the weekend. It’s been a way of keeping me inspired and motivated. Lewis’s motto is to ”never give up”This is something I try to live by when faced with difficult challenges in life. Determination and hard work are things you need to succeed in the recruitment industry I’ve worked in for 17 years now; Lewis and Formula 1 provide that motivation I need to keep achieving the best.Luckily for me, I have been fortunate enough to tie my passion for Formula 1 with my working life moving into Automotive recruitment 13 years ago, and I’ve stayed in this sector ever since.  The continually evolving technology fascinates me in general, especially with rules tightening to reduce the environmental impact of transport. It’s impressive to see technologies first developed by Formula 1 being transferred to the types of commercial vehicles that my clients and candidates work with. Commercial vehicle operators are under more pressure than ever to increase efficiencies of their fleet, and I love discussing this with them – often finding they have a shared love of motorsport.About Francesca LoughreyFrom starting as a stand-alone specialist recruiter 13 years ago, focusing on the automotive industry, Francesca has grown a highly successful recruitment business with a team of recruiters who deliver tailored resourcing campaigns to organisations across the UK. Believing in success due to specialist, in-depth knowledge of the automotive and engineering markets and aconsultative approach, Francesca ensures that the best candidates are matched with relevant positions.​For more information on roles in Automotive, Logistics & Distribution please get in touch with us at Expion - we're happy to chat all things recruitment and Formula 1... 

  • Manufacturing Recruitment
    Insight and Intuition - Engineered Products and Manufacturing

    ​Many key hiring and recruitment trends have been announced over the last few weeks. Surveys, reports, all written to help give us insight into what the market’s doing, and where it might be going.We’re all ears, and we’ll share with you some of what we’ve seen develop across the market, and within Engineered Products and Manufacturing.Covid will be dominant through the summer, well into H2. I think we all guessed this, but it’s interesting to see how businesses will manage through. Vacancies are already up in some sectors such as Building Materials, and we see more positivity starting to creep in. Summer recovery won’t be a ‘return to normal’. What’s that anyway? I think we’ve all forgotten and have all adapted but in business, investment in ‘clicks not bricks’ is evident as more people work from home permanently, and businesses will rely on a flexible workforce, including temporary labour, to manage the change.Resilience is key in a volatile and complex environment. Employee engagement and retention is even more important, as is the financial flexibility and businesses are even starting to stockpile talent. Take note.D&I is a top strategic concern. Recruitment and staffing firms can be a catalyst for change but don’t get left behind with this. It is here and embracing D&I can attract fantastic talent to a business of any size, especially in a skills short market such as engineering.Platforms are being developed and enhanced all the time. It’s the new battleground. From recruitment platforms to commercial and businesses evolving from B2B to B2C to explore new channels.Omni-channel staffing. Whats that? It’s multi-faceted ways of recruiting. From inhouse referrals through to advertising, networking and Social Media. It’s a full-time job. We should know. But balancing the channels is a skill and manufacturing businesses need to ensure they maximise the whole talent pool when recruiting, not rely on one or two sources.Automation has accelerated during Covid, and job losses have been harsh. But it’s here to stay and people displaced are retraining.Reskilling is big business and so much is offered from government funded initiatives, through to staffing firms skilling staff. This is evolving weekly, and for anyone in a position to upskill themselves, the options are vast. We'd love to chat to you about how we can support with your hiring needs, contact us here

  • I Stock 000021983572 Medium
    Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Recruitment - Utilising Extra Capacity

    ​We recently share our insight into the world of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Recruitment. Now we’re delving deeper into a key trend we’ve been seeing - Utilising extra capacity.The need to manufacture the Covid vaccine in the UK has been a topic for discussion for a while. We work with Wockhardt who make the Astrazeneca vaccine, and recently Fujifilm Diosynth gained approval to make the Novavax vaccine.But what’s the impact on recruitment?They’re recruiting. Not that that’s a surprise, and the impact of Fujifilm Diosynth needing an additional 300 skilled staff in the North East is a positive one. Great for the local area.But it also has an impact on other businesses in the region. Draining the candidate pool leaves fewer skilled workers for other businesses initially. All businesses in the area need a clear recruitment strategy to hire in the right people and must have a compelling proposition for the market.We’ve seen many manufacturers have to flip their manufacturing model. Changing shift patterns to extend manufacturing hours, and varying terms for workers adds even more pressure onto HR teams, who are already stretched to capacity.Once recruited, new workers need a sound onboarding experience – the last thing a business needs is people exiting due to the absence of a proper welcome.IR35 is still rearing its head. We’re seeing an impact on the availability of interim contracts as companies prepare to navigate through the changes (and we still believe they will come), and interim professionals reluctant to look at FTC roles. A stale mate possibly?The over-riding feeling within the Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals world is one of anticipation and excitement. Bringing manufacturing into the UK to avoid import pressures from Brexit is heralded as great for the UK. And we agree.For chat about any aspects of recruiting into the Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical market, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you  

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