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Expion is an award-winning Recruitment Company specialising in recruiting top talent for the Food & FMCG, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Engineered Products and Automotive, Distribution & Logistics Sectors.

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  • Lewis McCabe

    ​Sam was incredibly helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. He was approachable, attentive and offered brilliant communication. ​All questions I had were answered with urgency and a great...

    Lewis McCabe
  • Lisa Davidson

    ​Zoe is one of the very few recruiters I've dealt with that actually communicates on a regular basis and responds to every phone call, even if there's no update! Even though Zoe was off work, she u...

    Lisa Davidson
    National Account Manager
  • Simon Gardner

    As an Interim Contractor in Food and FMCG, I have worked on several contracts with clients managed through Caroline and I can honestly say that her attitude and enthusiasm are second-to-none in the...

    Simon Gardner
    Packaging Elements Ltd
  • David Hill

    I have known Andrew for a few years now and have worked together with him on multiple occasions. Andrew is honest and true to his word. He gets under the skin of role requirements and understands t...

    David Hill
    Factory Production Manager
  • Matt Whelan

    In my role as Sales Director at Roberts Bakery, I worked together with Andrew at Expion, to recruit new FMCG sales team members into the sales team. I recommend Andrew, he would seek to understand ...

    Matt Whelan
    Interim Managing Director
  • Anita Park

    My experience working with Caroline, has been nothing else but professional and friendly. Caroline has a brilliant knowledge in her area of recruitment, (Food & FMCG), acts fast, and always del...

    Anita Park
    FIFST, BScEng, BRCGS Trainer & Consultant, Director at FSC&A Ltd, Co-Founder at Toby's Favourites
  • Lynn Roberts

    I have worked with Richard for many years as a client, he is a very experienced professional with a strong knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Richard provides an excellent service with regul...

    Lynn Roberts
    HR Professional

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Top Jobs


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We work with organisations from start-ups to global giants. We have a loyal community of talent. Making sure we operate to ensure clients and candidates have the best experience with us is at the heart of what we do.

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  • Personal Branding
    Personal Branding

    ​Personal BrandingThis week we’re talking about ‘Personal Branding’. It’s grown in importance over the last couple of years, and it’s something you should take notice of if you are hiring, job seeking, or looking to grow your presence online.So what is it?It’s defined as ‘The conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact’ (Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_branding)And how do you go about it? We’ll offer some tips this week on small things that we’ve see our clients and candidates do well. Tip 1Before you embark on your personal branding journey, have a look at what you already have. What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? What other online presence do you have that people could find? Google yourself. What comes up?Do you have old CVs lurking on job boards?Have a ‘tidy up’ first and make sure your house is in order. Then you’re best placed to start to enhance it.Tip 2Once you’ve ‘tidied up’ your online presence, it’s time to start to enhance it.Firstly think about what you’re trying to achieve. Are you hiring, building a team and want to showcase your knowledge, employer brand and team/business culture? Or are you job seeking and want to show your expertise, capability and skills?Either of the above require some thought. And both will require you to ‘get active’ online. Start by commenting on other’s posts – offer some value, discussion and build a network that you actually converse with (rather than just watch!)Seen or read an article in your field? Share it and offer your point of view as curated content.Ask others to comment and support your posts. If you comment on other’s posts, they’re much more likely to participate in a discussion that you instigate.Stick with it. Engagement doesn’t come overnight and it takes determination to stick with it and keep posting.Tip 3Sounds really obvious, but building a personal brand is impossible unless you use your own voice.Copying or mimicking someone else never carries weight, and anyone who knows you will see right through it. Be authentic and be you.Some people story tell. Share a journey. What value or insight can you offer to help others by sharing your experiences? Others are more prescriptive by sharing narrative about specific things that have happened or are happening.What’s vital is that it’s genuine. You’ll only amplify your brand by sharing value and contributing to others. And they’ll reciprocate.Whether you’re active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks, you need to be consistently ‘there’ to be seen.Tip 4So, your profile looks good, you’re commenting on posts and creating and curating content. What’s next?Keep going. Go deeper. Who are the people, movements or organisations in your industry who get great engagement? Continually speak to others and provide value? They’re influencers and others will listen to them, follow them and engage with them.So follow them too, and pick up on trends or innovations in your industry, share the content and gain influencer buy in. Tagging someone or a business in a well-constructed post grabs their attention.Tip 5It’s a hard thing to separate your personal life and feelings, and your ‘business identity’ or ‘brand’. There’s nothing wrong with sharing insight into you. People love to get to know the whole person and by sharing personal thoughts, along with business dialogue just grows your authenticity.Growing a personal brand is a long term project, and there’s probably no end point. Before the growth of platforms, personal branding was reputation. What do you stand for, what are you know for?That has to be brought to the table time and time again.Want to know more? Contact us for our LinkedIn guide   

  • Nhs
    Pharmaceutical, the NHS and the green agenda

    Interesting blend here of how the NHS merges with the green agenda, with businesses realising the impact that the climate change can have on delivering the high quality healthcare that this, and future generations, will need. Pinder Sahota from NovoNordisk states that many members of ABPI are already committed to reducing their carbon footprint.Do you think the NHS will achieve net zero health system by 2045?Read the article here and to talk to us about this, and anything else 'pharam' related, get in touch​

  • UK and Australia Trade Deal
    The Australian Trade Deal

    ​The first trade deal since Brexit. It's been interesting to see some of the reactions, and thoughts from industry. Whilst there seems to be overall support for the deal, it's unlikely to generate anything significant for GDP.Tesco and Morrisons have already declared they won't stock Australian beef as they have a 'British' sourcing policy. Sainsburys have been rather non-commital and other businesses such as Waitrose have yet to make a statement.We've all seen the news that the UK farmers are concerned about cheaper imports flooding the market, and others seem more concerned about food miles, which was a great debate a few years ago. What's right or wrong isn't for debate here, but at least a deal has been done, and we hope it benefits the UK food industry rather than hinders it.https://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Article/2021/06/15/Food-industry-cautiously-welcomes-Australia-free-trade-agreement

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