Client Services

Understanding your need. At Expion, we are acutely aware that every client has its own distinctive personality – and a perfect candidate for one company may be a disaster for another. We therefore undertake to bring you candidates who fit your total post-holder profile, centred on the following four key criteria:

• Corporate culture
• Existing team dynamics
• Specialist skills and experience
• Values and working style

RedDot – Precision Targeted Headhunting

Expion’s RedDot product has been created because all companies are not the same. This special, targeted service is designed to help you optimise your team building through precision recruitment.

We start by profiling the perfect candidate with you to create an understanding that goes beyond the normal assumptions. If the post is particularly sensitive in terms of team dynamics we can offer to profile your existing team for preferred working styles and attitudinal predispositions. This can help identify team weaknesses that could be thoughtfully rebalanced by selecting a candidate with a complimentary personal approach – or it can be used to ensure that unhelpful or personality clashes are avoided.

Locating Potential Candidates…
High achievers are often fully focused on their role with their current employer and are not necessarily actively looking for a career move. Expion therefore employs advanced networking and headhunting skills to pro-actively find the most effective people. We maintain a number of talent pipelines and sectoral networks that gives us access to today’s top performers as well as the ‘stars of tomorrow’.

Understanding Potential Candidates…
Having established a dialogue with a small group of potential candidates we ensure that we understand what makes them tick. We can additionally do this by asking them to undertake a quick but highly revealing ‘working style preferences’ questionnaire using the internationally renowned HBDI system. This is not a ‘test’ as there are no right and wrong answers as such – but it will allow us to fully brief you on the candidate’s approach to their work, both in normal situations and in crisis mode. At interview it will provide you with a significant insight to open up areas of discussion.


Advertised Selection Service

Expion’s Advertised Selection service seeks out high quality candidates by combining carefully targeted advertising with thorough database searches.

This process identifies both individuals who are actively considering a career move, as well as those who would be receptive to hearing about roles which align with their career aspirations.

Key Points…

  • Identification of the most efficient advertising media
  • Crafted copywriting handling the response and enquiries
  • Interviewing the best candidates
  • Delivering a short list of carefully profiled candidates


Expert Turnaround Contingent Service

Contingent Service is an agile offering that provides you with an excellent means of identifying individuals who match your role profile.

Using our own extensive database of high calibre professionals, we provide you with a selection of qualified potential candidates. This is a ‘success only’ service as it is entirely free until an appointment is made.

Key Points

  • Identification of the best fit candidates from database
  • Contacting and screening of identified candidates to assess suitability and fit for the role
  • Only screened and qualified candidates will be presented for your vacancy