How can you ensure you get the best candidates?

I have recently had a few clients who have been frustrated at losing candidates whom they ultimately wanted to offer or indeed did. The tips below are based on reasons I’ve seen those candidates not pursue the role.

  1. Give as much information as possible to the consultant – they are your eyes and ears in the market. Tell them what you do and don’t want.
  2. Put yourself in the candidates shoes. What would you want as a candidate? How would you like to be treated.
  3. Sell yourself and your business. Long gone are the ‘why should we give you a job’ days. This is a candidate driven market. Typically they will have a selection of roles they are looking at. Tell them why they should WANT to work for you. This could be the difference between them taking your job or that of a competitor. Recently, a client described how two new managers treated an interview as ‘The Apprentice’ trying to get one up on each other. Needless to say, the candidate couldn’t be seen for dust, despite being a valued, former employee.
  4. Give feedback. Good or bad, candidates want to know. They are the ones out there in the market who report back on the businesses they are interviewing at. I promise, I’m not chasing you for the sake of it, a no is better than nothing at all. Detailed feedback can give some comfort or if not, something to work on if it’s an area the candidate can develop.
  5. Be timely and communicative. Whether it is on feedback with a no, next stages or offer, getting things done efficiently gives candidates confidence that yours is the kind of business they’d like to work for.
  6. Offer the candidate the best money and package you can for the job. Don’t low-ball then up the offer when they say no. This is likely to put a candidate on the back-foot and even when you get to the right number, they already feel under-valued and will reject the offer anyway. Why not make them feel a million dollars and a valued member of the team before they start?
  7. Include and engage with the successful candidate BEFORE they start. I recently had a manager join a management training session 2 weeks before starting the job. In that single day, not only did they feel a valued member of the team, but felt he got to meet more of the senior management team than he would have done after a month in the business.

At Expion we highly value candidate care so wanted to share how as a company wanting to recruit, you can ensure you get the best person for the job.

If you want to put this in action and are looking for the following types of management level people, I’d love you to get in touch:

Technical; Quality; Engineering; CI; Operations; R & D; HSE

Equally, if you are looking for a job, and like to know we are doing everything we can to help, please do get in touch.