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Food & FMCG - What's the market doing?

03 February 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
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​We’ve worked in the Food & FMCG industry for a while. And we know quite a few people as you’d expect. But what’s actually going on? We hear reports of booming sales and output yet parts of the industry are on their knees. How do you navigate through this space if you’re hiring or job seeking?

Just like asking Jeremy Clarkson on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, here’s what we think:

The skills gap is real. So even though there are perceptions there are more available candidates, that doesn’t make their experience necessarily right for the roles that businesses are recruiting for.

Networking is abundant. And by that we mean there are plenty of people connecting, collaborating, sharing information. And we see this continuing.

Some businesses are on their knees. Those supplying Food to Go products have found it tough. You can’t make for M&S café, if M&S café isn’t open. Nor can you easily flip to something else. We’ve seen casualties in readymade meals and convenience foods. We’re all at home, more available to cook. Some businesses have boomed. Not just in loo roll, but bakery, ambient grocery and meats/meat alternatives.

To meet demand, we’ve seen businesses look to create extra capacity. Through changing shift patterns to longer working or overtime, these changes all affect the working lives of manufacturing staff and require the skills and expertise of HR teams and strong leaders to make it effective.

Health, Safety and Environmental roles have come to the fore like never before.

We’ve placed several people in these roles over the last 12 months and quite rightly, the ‘safety first’ message is being heard loud and clear.

Leadership is key. Like never before. Finding people who are able to ‘take others on a journey’ is the most important behavioural capability we’re asked to identify when we’re looking for candidates. We’ve seen a reduction on emphasis on qualifications and more focus on the qualities and cultural fit of candidates. Senior level candidates have ‘dipped down’ to apply for roles less senior than their previous positions. Whilst some businesses view these candidates as a flight risk, many have embraced the opportunity to bring in expertise where previously they’ve been unable to.

I.T. is KING

We did know this before Covid, but creating efficiencies in the supply chain are advancing, and data analysts and scientists are in demand for developing sophisticated, intuitive systems.

Emerging businesses with a lower capital risk are emerging as never before. Factories are expensive beasts to run, so creating agility in the supply of products through 3rd parties and co-packers is smart business for smaller companies.

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