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17 February 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
Manufacturing Recruitment

​Many key hiring and recruitment trends have been announced over the last few weeks. Surveys, reports, all written to help give us insight into what the market’s doing, and where it might be going.

We’re all ears, and we’ll share with you some of what we’ve seen develop across the market, and within Engineered Products and Manufacturing.

  • Covid will be dominant through the summer, well into H2. I think we all guessed this, but it’s interesting to see how businesses will manage through. Vacancies are already up in some sectors such as Building Materials, and we see more positivity starting to creep in.

  • Summer recovery won’t be a ‘return to normal’. What’s that anyway? I think we’ve all forgotten and have all adapted but in business, investment in ‘clicks not bricks’ is evident as more people work from home permanently, and businesses will rely on a flexible workforce, including temporary labour, to manage the change.

  • Resilience is key in a volatile and complex environment. Employee engagement and retention is even more important, as is the financial flexibility and businesses are even starting to stockpile talent. Take note.

  • D&I is a top strategic concern. Recruitment and staffing firms can be a catalyst for change but don’t get left behind with this. It is here and embracing D&I can attract fantastic talent to a business of any size, especially in a skills short market such as engineering.

  • Platforms are being developed and enhanced all the time. It’s the new battleground. From recruitment platforms to commercial and businesses evolving from B2B to B2C to explore new channels.

  • Omni-channel staffing. Whats that? It’s multi-faceted ways of recruiting. From inhouse referrals through to advertising, networking and Social Media. It’s a full-time job. We should know. But balancing the channels is a skill and manufacturing businesses need to ensure they maximise the whole talent pool when recruiting, not rely on one or two sources.

  • Automation has accelerated during Covid, and job losses have been harsh. But it’s here to stay and people displaced are retraining.

  • Reskilling is big business and so much is offered from government funded initiatives, through to staffing firms skilling staff. This is evolving weekly, and for anyone in a position to upskill themselves, the options are vast.

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