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06 May 2021 by Zoe Gudgeon read

It’s a digital world

It really is. And more so since Covid. We’ve said many times, Covid has accelerated things. And we’ve seen that in the FMCG and Consumer arenas that we recruit into.

Here’s some insight into how the market has behaved, and this week we’ll share how things have changed in this space.

So, what have we seen? Well, in contrast to a year ago, we’ve seen an increase in the number of roles within marketing, and digital marketing. The explosion in online sales has been so great, that many retailers, (and perhaps those who hadn’t paid as much attention to online), have been on an upward trajectory in digital marketing.

POS, once the focus of many merchandising teams, has had to shift into online POS and Customer Experience is key. Gaining insight into the attitudes and behaviours of shoppers has been critical to success and we’ve seen a shift in roles towards our clients seeking candidates with specific online and digital marketing skills. Specifying which retailers a candidate should have experience with, such as Amazon, has heightened demand for those in these areas.

Who’s busy, busy, busy?

The Toy industry has performed well over the last year. Perhaps there’s an element of pester power, but lockdown and spending more time at home has no doubt been the key driver in this market.

But coupled with this, there’s also been a key trend in people wanting to lift the spirits of their families, and those of friends and colleagues. Gifting has also overperformed and whether we’ve become more compassionate or not, business operating in these areas have been recruiting candidates with digital and consumer marketing skills.

Just like we saw in the Engineered Products review, products for the home and garden have spiked, and candidates with knowledge and skills in these areas have had their choice of roles.

But all of our clients are still cautious. Once people start to travel again, will there be the same demand? Time will tell, but many HR teams are paying close attention to the OD within their businesses as to over-recruit now, means pain later.

Euromonitor discusses many of these trends, and consumers demand for increased activism from products will only increase, as will their expectation of a seamless online experience.

What do candidates want

Oh, can we ever tell? Well, this is a candidate led market. It was before, but it’s grown. People are very focused on the culture of a business – is it right for me? Will I be able to develop my skills and experience? Does the business have a wellbeing agenda?

Candidates want to feel valued, that they’re a person, not a number. They’ll research staff turnover and attrition, who also works there and are there long-term prospects? They want trust, not micro-management.

They also want a straightforward recruitment process. Most first interviews are still taking place online, and in the case of remote working, at second and subsequent stages as well. This streamlines the experience of candidates, and in the world of those who create and market customer and consumer experience (CX), it needs to.

More than ever, candidates are expecting flexibility. Hybrid working is here to stay and coupled with that, benefits are also important. It was reported on 6th May by the BBC, 43 out of 50 big employers asked stated they do not intend for staff to return to the office or workplace full time.

Will the upwards demand for candidates continue? We think so in 2021 and we’re busier than ever in this area. And with opportunities aplenty, why not?

It’ll cost

With the rising demand for marketers over sales professionals, salaries for astute marketers are escalating. Bigger businesses are paying more, pushing salaries upwards and annual salary reviews need to reflect the work that’s gone in, and the results. And for those with strong online retailer experience,, and suchlike, this knowledge can command a heftier package.

We’re seeing an increase in counteroffers in this area. In April, 4 out of 5 offers to our candidates were met with a counteroffer. That’s scary stats for Hiring Managers and HR teams. And the counteroffers have been generous, making ‘staying’ even more appealing.

But the overriding view of this sector, is that it’s never been more exciting. Pace, innovation and competition has driven change like ever before, and we suspect this trend will continue.

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