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The Australian Trade Deal

21 June 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
UK and Australia Trade Deal

‚ÄčThe first trade deal since Brexit. It's been interesting to see some of the reactions, and thoughts from industry. Whilst there seems to be overall support for the deal, it's unlikely to generate anything significant for GDP.

Tesco and Morrisons have already declared they won't stock Australian beef as they have a 'British' sourcing policy. Sainsburys have been rather non-commital and other businesses such as Waitrose have yet to make a statement.

We've all seen the news that the UK farmers are concerned about cheaper imports flooding the market, and others seem more concerned about food miles, which was a great debate a few years ago. What's right or wrong isn't for debate here, but at least a deal has been done, and we hope it benefits the UK food industry rather than hinders it.

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