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UK Report on Jobs - June 2021

08 June 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
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‚ÄčThe latest UK Report on Jobs is available and what a difference a few months makes.

There's plenty of good news here around a swell in vacancies, both permanent and temporary, and the greatest growth in vacancies since January 1998! That's before some job seekers were even born.

What's also paramount however is the ever growing skills shortage. The list is growing, and recruitment consultants are now included in the professions where skills shortages have been reported. There are a number of factors in play here, but investment in training to ensure people have the skills for the areas of demand puts further pressure on the government.

We're seeing a marked down turn in the availability of candidates. We think this is two-fold. Many people who experienced redundancy during the pandemic are more likely to be recently employed and settling into new roles, along with thousands who went through hefty restructuring, and may be in internal 'new roles'.

These are unchartered waters and time will tell how businesses will adapt to fill the skills gap, but without question, those who think latterally and show greater flexibility surely have better prospects to attract and retian top talent.

Read the report here, and to request a pdf copy or discuss how this may affect you, do contact us here

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