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Things we love about LinkedIn

03 August 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
Linked In Connecting People

​Things we LOVE about LinkedIn

We're big users of LinkedIn, and we're sharing our thoughts on just some of the functions and capability of the platform.

With 756 million users globally, it’s become a phenomenon for business networking, collaboration, thought leadership, and recruitment.

I remember in 2007 my then boss telling everyone ‘we should be on this platform’. 14 years later and where would we be without it?

The first function we love is ‘Notifications’. This is your little alarm bell to anything happening in your network and it’s a gem of insight, information and news.

Why do we love it? IT’s a chance to see (and celebrate) when someone changes jobs, is promoted, gains a qualification, when someone you follow goes ‘Live’, see trending articles and posts.

In fact it can be more useful that your newsfeed sometimes.

We love it because it keeps you connected. Up to date quickly with news that’s of interest, and a prompt (and we all need it sometimes) to reach out. Say ‘Hi’. Congratulate. Commiserate. Learn. Digest. Participate.

LinkedIn LOVE

LinkedIn isn’t designed as a broadcast channel, it’s for networking and collaboration. And never before has it worked so well than during COVID.

We love the fact that we’re able to use LinkedIn for networking and to share ideas. And others do too. We suggest reaching out to colleagues, people you’ve met, worked with in the past. Reconnect.

Search for collaborations. Find people with common interests. You might be able to work together on a project. Find webinars and Live Chats – we love Ruella Crouch’s live on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Read the news – LinkedIn have a news section with comments. It’s insightful and great for sharing.

LinkedIn Recruitment

Yes, we recruiters love LinkedIn for recruiting. But we know we have to treat our audience with respect (no spamming people). It’s a great way to find people with the skills and experience to fill a role.

Love your profile. Make sure it’s up to date and has the right information on it. We can only be as good as the information you populate and we’ll do our best to only talk to you about roles we think are of interest

We also love the Jobs function on LinkedIn. Set up your alerts and LinkedIn will send you roles which meet your criteria.

LinkedIn Company Pages

Often overlooked, but companies who invest in their company pages have brilliant little micro-sites full of content. Check out ours: which is full of content and has a link to our jobs on the site, and a link to our website (right here!).

You’ll also find current employees, and business documents if companies have included presentations or videos. It’s a great way of researching a business if you’re looking to work with them, or for them.

LinkedIn Influencers

Have you spotted them? Well, LinkedIn choose who are classed as influencers and current occupiers of this coveted space include Bill Gates and Richard Branson. They’re the world’s foremost thinkers and leaders. They share trends and news and inform the audience with thought and purpose. Take a look.

You can follow these people and see what they share. If you’re looking for something to share, it’s a great place to find credible insight and comment that will help you make that move to share something with your network.




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