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Creating Personas for Recruitment

10 November 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
Pharma and Medical Devices recruitment

​Creating the perfect persona for recruiters and hiring managers can be something of a minefield. Where to start and how to go about creating one can feel like an uphill struggle.

What is a persona for recruitment? It's like a written version of the traits and exerience you'd like your ideal candidate to have. But it goes deeper than that. I's also about exploring where your ideal candidate hangs out. Do they 'lurk' on LinkedIn, jump around the joboards, or sit awaiting for the approach? What content do they engage with?

Knowing this can be vital to securing not just the best candidate for the role, but also reducing time and cost to hire, reducing waste in the process and preventing yourself becoming tangled up with conversations with unsuitable candidates that simply wastes their time and yours.

Have a read of this article which explains how to create a persona and what it can mean for you.

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