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Recruitment Trends 2022

01 December 2021 by Caroline Vooght read
CIPD Recruitment Industry Trends

​What's likely to happen in 2022 in the UK jobs market?

If you're recruiting, planning to recruit or intending to search for a new job, you need to know what's likely to happen and how best you can prepare for this.

We've seen lots of statistics shared by lots of sources, and it can be hard to navigate through them all. Here's a snapgot into what's making us sit up and take note:

  • The UK recruitment industry is predicted to grow by 7% in 2022

  • Employers are expected to award an average pay rise of 2.9%

  • According to the CIPD, 47% of employers are reporting hard to fill vacancies

What does this mean for you?

  • There'll be more roles coming onto the market, we expect in skills short areas such as Healthcare and Medical Devices, IT, Finance and Engineering

  • Costs will continue to rise for businesses who will look for efficiencies to counter this

  • Demand for talent will continue to squeeze continuing the trend of a candidate led market

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