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Expion support The British Heart Foundation

01 February 2022 by Caroline Vooght read
British Heart Foundation

Why did we choose The British Heart Foundation as our charity of the month?

It’s fair to say we have embraced ‘Heart Month’ here at Expion. We’re all feeling the love.

At the start of 2022, we talked about the phrase, ‘When you help someone, you help everyone’. And that’s hard to apply in recruitment. We can’t possibly place all the candidates we talk to. Nor can we help all those who are looking for a role get interviews.

But there are things we can do, and we hope it spreads some good across our candidates, and clients. We value you very much.

·       We’ll critique your CV. If we don’t think it’ll get you an interview, we’ll let you know. And send you our CV guide and template to get you started. It’s a step closer to an interview

·       Once you have an interview confirmed, we’ll introduce you to our interview coach. She’ll work with you to practice and refine how to talk about your experience, and answer the question, ‘Tell me about yourself’

·       We’re with you all the way. From 1st to 2nd interview and beyond. We’ll provide support on how to manage any counteroffers, work through your notice and get started in a new business

·       And we’ll visit you on site once you’re in role if we can.

So how does this tie into our support of the BHF? Well for each vacancy we take on in February 2022, we’ll be donating £25 to the BHF. And that could add up if January was anything to go by!

Well, we hope this shows we have a heart. And heart disease causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK so we think it’s a pretty important cause to support.

Looking for a new role is a stressful journey. Whether you breeze your first interview or have to kiss a few frogs first, even the most composed candidates find the process pushes them outside their comfort zone. And that’s not always good for your heart.

So our support for the BHF is heartfelt, and we’re really grateful for your support to help us help BHF.

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