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UK Report on Jobs - April 2022

13 April 2022 by Caroline Vooght read
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​In this ever changing world, the recruitment industry is still moving at pace, and whether you're hiring or planning for a career move, this report will give you a flavour of what's happening in the market now.

As unemployment continues to stay low, employers are faced with unfilled vacancies. Whilst the rate of growth in terms of placements has dipped, much of this is attributed to the shortage of candidates and the after effects of the pandemic, lack of EU workers and uncertainty due to the war. For job seekers, there's choice in the market for those who have in-demand skills, starting salaries are rising accordingly, and are currently at the highest levels since before the pandemic.

Vacancy growth is still accelerating, with the highest levels since September 2021, and demand for both permanent and temporary staff continues to grow. Whilst IT remains the most in-demend skill, Hotel & Catering has risen marginally above Accounting/Finance and Engineering. Given the dependancy of this sector on EU workers, the challenges in Europe are likely to continually impact in this area.

At Expion, we're seeing record levels of vacancies, but candidates are becoming ever more selective about the roles they are willing to consider. A recent poll carried out by us about the key benefits valued most by candidates, flexibility was the most desired aspect of a new role after salary. In fact, most candidate conversations include some discussion around this. Our view is that employers who continually adapt and evaluate their working practices are likely to prevail in the acquisition of in-demand workers.

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