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Preparing properly for an interview is so important, and your chances of success are so much greater if you have spent some time beforehand getting yourself ready.

There's a wealth of information available, and when we can, we'll introduce you to our interview coach, Liz Harris, who will set you up for success. We've included some pointers here for you as a start point, but please contact your consultant at Expion if you have any other questions.


Research is crucial. Find out as much information on the company as you can. Study any available literature, websites and latest news, find out about competitors and the state of the industry in general.

Make sure you’ve looked at the company’s LinkedIn page and the profiles of the interviewers. You are likely to be asked how much you know about the business, or you could use it as a good 'opening line' at the beginning of the interview

If the business manufactures products for the consumer, ensure you’ve been into stores to look at the products, the category, and if possible, make a purchase!

Read the job description carefully. Prepare examples of where you have carried out aspects of the role, and where possible, use examples from different roles (although most interviewers focus on your most recent positions)

Picture yourself ‘in role’ and think as though you’re doing the job currently. How would you tackle it? Consider preparing a SWOT analysis and think about what you can bring to the business

Prepare everyday life situations to describe when you have shown desired skills, motivation, confidence and tenacity

First Impressions

Dress appropriately. Most employers expect their staff to be smart so dress accordingly. Interview clothes should be comfortable business attire and should not distract either the interviewer or the wearer. A general rule of thumb is that interview attire should follow the dress code on site, but this is more appropriate at second stage. Dress with INTENT

Firm handshake

Be on time. Always allow time for traffic jams, late buses or trains. Have appropriate phone numbers with you in case you are delayed

Be aware of who you are talking to and use his/her name

Sell yourself

Know who you are. What makes you, you? Consider your personality, life experiences, achievements etc.

Know how to convey to paper who you are. Your CV is you until the interview takes place. Make yourself stand out.

Know how to express who you are. Effective communication is crucial in any interview. The interviewer is interested in finding out primarily about yourself. You should do most of the talking, and this should range from 70 to 80 per cent of the time. Use friends and family to rehearse your examples.

Show you want the job. Interviewers love to meet candidates who show they want the job and want to work for them.

You must have the will to win. Show hunger.

And Good Luck!

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