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We help our clients attract and retain the right talent to grow their organisations. We deliver the best market insights, competitor analyses, and a true understanding of opportunities, salaries, and benefits to future-proof their growth.

Attract and retain the best people

You need to hire the right people in the right jobs at the right salary and benefits levels. Plus, your prospective talent is looking for assurance that you know what they need, and that you will deliver on your hiring promises.

Our clients use our market benchmarking service to give them confidence in their hiring and retention strategies. We offer this service across our 4 core sectors.

Beat your competition

"The war for talent" is not a cliché, it's real for many of our clients. You need to be aware of what your ideal and current workforce are being offered by your competition.

Work relationships, learning and development, support systems, technology, flexible working - all of these, plus salary and benefits, are key factors which help you attract and retain.

Recruiting someone, just to lose them to the competition is never a goal. We can help you build an employer brand above and beyond your biggest competitor.

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"I have dealt with several recruitment companies in the past, however, Expion’s professionalism surpasses them all"

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