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Liz Harris
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Liz Harris

Interview Coach

​I've been a highly experienced Interview Coach, with over 25 years in the Coaching and L&D community, and I've worked such a variety of amazing people over that time. One of the areas I love is to bring out the best in people - it's what makes me tick.

Working as part of the Expion team, I set candidates up for success. My approach is not only to on how to support candidates to perform at their best at interview, but to encourage them to really delve into their experience, and motivations for moving to a new role.

It's a Win - Win situation

My involvement with a candidate starts once they've been personally referred by one of the Expion team. Whether the candidate is from Food & FMCG, Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals, Engineered Products or Automotive, I tailor my support to fit with the candidate and the role they are applying for.

Reframing Answers

Not everyone has the ability to convey their answers in the best possible way on the first attempt. Interviews aren't like that. In fact, with most candidates, we have some fun reframing answers and ensuring they are clear and concise - in fact it can take a few attempts, but my experience coupled with the input from the candidate means that the candidate gets the most out of the interview and the employer meets someone who is motivated to move, and is able to share their experience well.

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